Mechanisms to protect the privacy of user information:

Protecting users’ personal information and data from any unauthorized disclosure or access is one of the basic duties of Mubawwab and we protect it as follows:

Compliance with the information security rules issued by the official authorities:

Mubawwab implements all the instructions and directives of the National Authority for Network Services regarding the security of users' information to protect it from hacking and - or piracy.


Mubawwab will not allow the disclosure of any user contact information and data through the site and - or application and - or their services, and any violation of our terms and - or laws by using the site and - or application and - or their services and - or its server data It will lead to legal action and penalties, except for what users wish to disclose and all personal information and data of users are contained in electronic form by Mubawwab.


Users' personal information and data will not be sold or rented to any third party for the purposes of marketing, survey, or promotion without users' consent, but users' personal information and data may be disclosed to a third party, if necessary, to enforce our rules, for legal requests and to protect everyone's security and property and their rights if you violate the rights of others by posting and - or adding content.

Use of personal information and user data by Mubawwab:

  • To fully provide, market and promote our Services to users.
  • For all offers, information and articles relating to their preferences and all that is necessary for users' explanations and descriptions during the collection of information and data.
  • for troubleshooting.
  • To promote safe trading and resolution of disputes between users, to enforce our rules and policies, to charge our fees and to analyse users' interests in our Services to improve them.
  • To inform our users of updates or services and to customize the user experience.
  • Emails and Communication:
  • Users agree to receive advertisements, marketing or promotional communications, or emails from the Site and the Application and its services on behalf of its partners unless Users inform us that they wish to discontinue or modify them in their preferred manner.
  • Users are not allowed to use the Website and App and their Services to collect addresses, personal information and data for spam or any misuse, doing so is a violation of our Terms and Conditions of Privacy Policy.
  • Mubawwab monitors and scans emails and communications content, available on the Website and - or Application and - or their Services, to prevent prohibited content and malicious activities.
  • Online payment security if this service is available:
  • Credit and debit card data is not stored in the servers of the site and - or the application and - or their services and is not disclosed or sold to any third party.
  • Credit and debit card data is protected while using the SSL protocol that encrypts your data over the Internet.

How Mubawwab Process Users data:

Mubawwab will collect your following data only after you agree, by clicking on the checkbox, with our Use Policy:

  • Your Mobile Number
  • Your Name
  • Your Surname

Your data will be protected in a sperate file that only the responsible of data security has access, the full ID and address of this responsible is declared to the authority in order to secure you data at the highest level.

Delete User Data & Account:

  1. Users can request the deletion of their data by contacting us at
  2. Users can delete their data as well as their accounts by going to their Profile and click on Delete my Account